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We have been a little quiet the past few weeks as we have been busy planning and organising a move to a new home. Not as easy as it used to be now that we have an extremely energetic one year old. Moving to a new home is exciting but at the same time stressful figuring out where everything will go/fit and how to make it feel like home when it is a rental.

So with that in mind I thought I would share what my favourite tips are for making a rental property feel like home, within the limitations.

Pampa rugs.jpg



Rugs, rugs and more rugs! I have so many rugs stored away in my garage, so many in fact that it drives my other half insane. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many. My reasoning for this is that you can easily change the feel and style of a room with the simple switch of a rug. Also super handy for hiding that typical rental carpet and protecting your floors from the children.

Lights are next up on the list, change the light pendants and update to your style and taste. I love light so have plenty of reading and lamps and floor lamps to create ambience and a cosy feel to relax with.



A lick of paint on the walls is always what I have done as soon as I have moved in to a new rental home. It instantly feels fresh and new and as though no one else has been there. You don't have to repaint in a different colour but just simply going over the neutral wall with a fresh lick of neutral paint will make all the difference. I love Farrow and Ball, neutral range in easy grey. They are simple and are not too warm or too cold in tone.

I get my wall Art out and stack it until I decide where I want to hang it and find out if I am allowed to hang it or if I must find some decent sticky hooks. Always wise to check before hand with the landlord.  It still looks great leaning against a wall as a display in the meantime.


At the end of it all, I get my blankets and throws out to add instant comfort and cosy and put the coffee on to brew. The smell of coffee is delicious and feels super homely. Sit down, snuggle up with the blanket and settle in....

Words: Melissa McMeekin, 2016
Image Sources: Rugs: Pampa / All others Unknown

melissa mcmeekin